Funding Towards Conservation Or Exploration?

Kulvir Chavda

I believe even more funding needs to be put into exploration. As, compared to other expenses made by government agencies across the world, scientific exploration remains a very small fraction. Exploration is and has been the single most unifying venture in history, from the international space station to Mars missions, countries have come together and pushed the limits of science. Hence, it would be illogical to reduce funding for scientific exploration.

I would love to hear other opinions that contradict or even second this opinion…

  • Saurabh

    Agree 👍. The world should always look for explore as whatever we have achieved so far is out of curiosity and exploring instincts. Funds useage may be reduced as per priority but must surely have a fixed amount spending year maked to not demotivate the enlightened minds and keep thier curiosity motivated.

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