Everything – A Call To Commonality

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This post is not a conventional one where I choose an interesting topic and try to explain it, this is a poem I wrote recently and wanted to share with my amazing readers.

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Everything – a call to commonality

The people of Earth have wondered, why it is here we have wandered,

The life we feel in our hands, is it given by someone or created by our land?

Our world is everything we know, but is not all which we can see,

Our surroundings are everything we can feel but it is not all in which we believe.

Life is the child of our universe yet we take it for granted,

Maybe that is essential and is the only way we will understand it.

Millions have mused at the idea of our existence,

Thousands through history created answers and gave them unimaginable resistance.

What we need to understand today, is that the answers to these questions are no one’s to say.

As after all to believe, one needs to see,

And our world is everything we know, but is not all which we can see.

-Kulvir Chavda


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17 thoughts on “Everything – A Call To Commonality

  1. Kulvir, may you keep seeing what most don’t and may you always remain meaningfully engaged…

  2. Kulvir, your ability to introspect and reflect this way at such a young age is truly commendable. You can definitely, through your words, create impactful dialogues which would involve the community and people at large in interesting ways. Keep sharing your musings!

  3. Deep thinking. Continue thinking, seeing & going where others don’t. Best wishes to you Kulvir. 🦋

  4. Kulvir, you are wise beyond your years. How beautifully you have woven a profound truth into words. May GOD bless you and make you his instrument.

  5. Kulvir…May you keep seeing what most don’t….and may you always remain meaningfully engaged.

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