The Cosmological Community Writer Programme

Curiosity is welcome here!

The readers are the most essential part of this site and have played a very vital role in shaping its foundation. With every new post more readers join our small but growing community which is related by the common feeling of curiosity and fascination by various scientific phenomena.

I want to grow and strengthen our community of learners with the help of everybody who holds a passion for science and wants to spread that feeling to all corners of this planet.

Cosmological‘ from here on shall be a home to all types of scientific regimes – ranging from Environmental Science, Wildlife, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics, etc.

Cosmological‘ will provide a platform to writers within our growing “Cosmological Community” of readers who wish to write on any amazing and unique scientific topics.

This will not only broaden the sphere of information that ‘Cosmological‘ can provide but will also potentially involve hundreds of writers increasing the frequency of posts aswell.

So, spread the word, find friends, children, relatives, colleagues, friends of friends, and even strangers who share with you the passion to learn and can help to slowly build a beautiful safe haven for curious minds, known as ‘Cosmological‘.


All Submitted work should be original and written by the person submitting it. Plagiarised work will not be accepted.

Process Of Submitting Your Article

  1. Send an E-mail to ‘‘ with:
    1. Full Name of Author
    2. Age – Preferably over 13 (Only Needed to be sent if Under the age of 16)
    3. Topic of Article (Should be related to science; Not to be changed once sent)
    4. Title of Article
    5. Any Queries can be sent along with this mail
  2. A reply will be sent within 2 days max.
  3. Begin writing your article after you receive a reply
  4. The Completed Article should preferably be sent within 5-Days.
    1. The Article should be over 700 words and under 3000 words.
    2. The Article Should be written in English
    3. Should include pictures or spacings for pictures
  5. After sending the article a response will be sent within 3 days max. regarding any new developments.
  6. The Article will then be minorly edited and posted on the site for everyone to read!

Looking Forward To Your Submissions

Let us try to dedicate some of our time to learning new and intersting concepts and sharing them with each other through this platform. If each one of you writes one article we will already be taking huge strides towards spreading enormous amounts of knowledge with everyone who wishes to accept it.

Wake the writer inside you and unleash your creativity! I not only hope for but also expect marvellous and unique articles from you guys…

People who aren’t able to send these articles can also help by doing an equally important activity which is reading and sharing all the beautiful content posted over here regularly!

Be sure to subscribe to not miss anything from ‘Cosmological‘ in the future!

Let us grow ‘Cosmological‘ as a community!

Happy Writing!

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