Life and Civilization

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This is an article that does not look into a specific scientific concept, but is a general and original discussion on the concept of life, modern civilization, and the human mind. Comment and share your views on the subject aswell…

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life and civilization

The word ‘Life’, even though used casually in everyday conversation has a very deep meaning behind it. ‘Life’ in its literary sense would mean a characteristic that tells us that the object that possesses it is biologically self-sustaining, and those objects are termed as alive, from plants to humans, we are all alive.

‘Life’ to date still remains a concept that is obscure to the human mind, What does it truly mean to be alive? Is it just consciousness? Does the fact that we are aware of our surroundings make us alive? If so, then the places we go to in our dreams should exist somewhere in reality, and the events that happen there should have transpired someplace in time… How do we truly know that life is not just a dream and we are not decorated figments of imagination? The truth is, mankind has not yet developed sufficiently to provide accurate answers to such questions. Hence, the true meaning of life is going to remain open to endless speculation, great philosophers and thinkers have given their unique takes on life and this very question has allowed our species to venture out into the unknown, for the sole reason of finding answers to questions that have already been asked.

Adventure is a byproduct of human curiosity, curiosity has been ingrained in human nature, our ability to question has always been stronger than our ability to answer. Our ancestors, not dissimilar to ourselves kept asking various types of questions, and given enough time were able to answer some of them. Is the Earth flat? Is fire a result of witchcraft? Can humans fly? Etc. These questions seem absurd as we move farther into the 21st century, but for people hundreds of years ago these were questions of great importance and debate. Slowly and steadily civilization developed, and today humans are the most dominant species on the planet.

From the quest to find the true meaning of life, to the limits of modern civilization, mankind has come a long way. The modern era is now fueled by the desire of man to survive, hence, the world has now been pushed towards necessity rather than curiosity. Survival in today’s times can only be achieved through monetary gain, hence, answering questions that do not have short term importance has taken a back seat. This means that the number of people who are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to ask and attempt to answer big questions have drastically reduced. This does not mean our quest for knowledge has slowed down, in reality it has sped up, with huge developments in technology we have become more capable than ever to access viable information at any time.

The aim here is to not only discuss the current state of civilization and what has life evolved into, it is also to give an idea about the competence of the human mind to answer big questions like – Why are we here? Who are we? What is life? etc.

I have not had enough experience of life to attempt to provide an explanation for it, but as a human, I do have an opinion. Life could not only mean consciousness, as we can never truly know if something is conscious or not without being it ourselves. Life could be defined as an ‘experience’ of consciousness yourself. As, we are not physically equipped to tap into the experiences of other objects, we can never truly know that everything around us is alive or not. For that matter, we can not truly know if we ourselves are alive or not, as, we experience consciousness in our dreams and imagination as well, but the only physical description of what we feel in our everyday lives is just an experience of consciousness in this particular world.

One’s perception of reality changes with time and the most accurate of descriptions can only be provided by ‘one who knows all’, who till our knowledge has only existed spiritually and not physically. Our inability to answer such questions resulted in the formation of a creator who knows all and is the reason why we all exist. This rather simple explanation has been rendered sufficient to quench the thirst for answers for millions of people around the globe, but strong believers in pure logic and science are still peeking into the past and the unknown to understand what our life and universe truly is.

Our minds for years have been confined to our planet and our immediate surroundings, hence, even if we know that the observable universe is 93 billion light years in diameter, the sun is about a 100 times wider than the Earth, time moves slower at higher speeds, etc. We cannot truly relate to these ideas with our common understanding, as we have never physically seen them. For example, you cannot truly imagine the size of 1 acre of land without comparing yourself to it. This might be one of the reasons it will take some time for humans to uncover the true nature of the universe as it takes time to be able create a mental picture of a higher dimension or time itself as a physical quantity or anything that eludes common understanding.

Yet someday, hopefully in the near future, we will be able to uncover the secrets of the cosmos and truly know what we are…If we are truly alive that is. 

-Kulvir Chavda


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4 thoughts on “Life and Civilization

  1. I am among the majority who are so focused on the short term. I hope to be able to look beyond. I hope that you remain curious and continue to ask relevant questions, develop a strong desire to explore and enjoy the journey of life while you purse your dreams… best wishes.

  2. Wonderful article! Got me curious on life and beyond and how much of my truth is real truth!!!

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